Curriculum Vitae


Roman history, especially cultural and intellectual history; religion in the Roman world, including Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism and Early Christianity; Epigraphy.



Assistant Professor of Classics, University of California, Berkeley, From July 2016.

Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH. From August 2013 to June 2016.



PhD Ancient History. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. 2013.

BA (Hons) Classics. Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. 2007.




Legible Religion: Books, Gods and Rituals in Roman Culture. 2016, Harvard University Press.

Articles and Book Chapters

 “Diligentissumus investigator antiquitatis? ‘Antiquarianism’ and historical evidence between Republican Rome and the early modern Republic of Letters” In Omnium annalium monumenta: Historical Writing and Historical Evidence in Republican Rome, edited by Christopher Smith and Kaj Sandberg, Brill, 2018: 137-156

“‘The Laws of the Rites and of the Priests’: Varro and late Republican Roman Sacral Jurisprudence” Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 60.2 (2017): 34-48. (special issue: Varronian Moments, edited by Valentina Arena and Fiachra Mac Góráin)

“Late Antiquity and the Antiquarian” Studies in Late Antiquity 1.4 (2017): 335-358.

Invitus Invitam: A window allusion in Suetonius’ TitusClassical Quarterly 65.1 (2015): 415-418.

“Mercury and Materialism: Images of Mercury and the Tabernae of Pompeii” Submitted to editors for volume on Hermes and Mercury.

Reviews, Occasional Essays, and Encyclopedia Entries

“Review: Jörg Rüpke, On Roman Religion: Lived Religion and the Individual in Ancient RomeReligious Studies Review 43.4 (2017): 398.

“Thucydides 1.22” Lines of Enquiry: Favourite Lines from Classical Literature. Dublin: Trinity College Dublin Press. 2017: 72-73.

“Glycera’s Goddess (Horace Ode 1.30)” Albert’s Anthology, Cambridge, MA: Department of the Classics, Harvard. 2017: 107-108.

“Review: Jörg Rüpke, Religion in Republican Rome: Rationalization and Ritual Change” American Journal of Philology 134.3 (2013): 510-514.

“Review: Gallia, A.B. Remembering the Roman Republic: culture, politics and history under the PrincipateMnemosyne 66.2 (2013): 353-356.

“Sulpicia, Augustan poet,” “Sulpicia, Flavian poet,” “T. Vestricius Spurinna” and “Cornelius Fuscus” for The Encyclopedia of Ancient History, eds. R. Bagnall, K. Brodersen, C. Champion, A. Erskine and S. Huebner (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012).

“Review: James H. Richardson and Federico Santangelo (eds.), Priests and State in the Roman WorldJournal of Religion in Europe 5.4 (2012): 528-530.



University of California, Berkeley, Department of Classics

Graduate: Polytheism in Rome (Seminar, Fall 2016)

Undergraduate: Classical Mythology (Spring 2017); Republican Latin (intermediate Latin, Spring 2017)

University of Cincinnati, Department of Classics

Graduate: History Seminars (Spring 2016: Augustine and Rome; Fall 2014: Religion in the Roman Republic); Roman Historical Problems (Fall 2013; Fall 2015); Roman Historical Documents (Spring 2014)

Undergraduate: Greek History (Fall 2013; Fall 2015); Roman History (Spring 2014; Spring 2015; Spring 2016); Livy (Spring 2015)

Harvard University, Department of the Classics

Instructor: Greek: Grammar Review and Reading (Antiphon and Thucydides); Classics Junior Seminar: Egypt in the Greco-Roman World; Latin: Beginning Latin.

Teaching Fellow: Roman Culture and Civilization; General Education: Institutional Violence and Public Spectacle: the case of the Roman Games; General Education: Rome of Augustus; Roman Culture and Civilization).



Visiting Professorship, LMU München, Spring 2018

Mellon/American Council for Learned Societies Dissertation Completion Fellowship,  2012-2013

Graduate Fellowship, Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (declined), 2012-2013

Anna Marnoy Feldberg Financial Aid Fund, Center of Jewish Studies, Harvard University, 2011

Research Scholarship, Fondation Hardt, Geneva, Switzerland, 2011

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Merit Fellowship, Harvard University, 2011



”Simon Magus’ Rome: Heresy and Paganism in the Emergence of Christianity.” Geneses: comparative study of the historiographies of the rise of Christianity, Rabbinic Judaism and Islam. Nantes, May 2017.

“The Shape of Roman Historiography: Reading FRHist from a distance.” Historiography Jam II, Stanford University, April 2017.

”The Freedman’s Story: a witchcraft narrative from early imperial Italy.” Invited Speaker. Department of Classics, Brown University, November 2016.

“Late Antique Roman Antiquarianism: History of Silence or the Silence of History?” Finding the Present in the Distant Past The Cultural Meaning of Antiquarianism in Late Antiquity, Ghent University, May, 2016.

“Books and the Invention of a Roman Religion.” Invited Speaker. Department of Classics and World Religions, Ohio University, November, 2015.

“A Curse on the Council (CIL 11.4639): witchcraft and writing in Imperial Italy.” Association of Ancient Historians Annual Meeting, Santa Barbara, CA, May, 2015.

“Paper Pagans: Tertullian and Augustine Read Varro.” Invited Speaker. Back to the Future: Varro, the State and Antiquarianism, UCL, January, 2015.

“Mercury and Materialism: Images of Mercury on the Shop Facades of Pompeii.” Tracking Hermes/Mercury, University of Virginia, March, 2014.

 Diligentissumus investigator antiquitatis? Rethinking ‘antiquarianism’ and historical evidence in Republican Rome.” Omnium annalium monumenta: Historical Evidence and Historical Writing in Republican Rome, Institutum Romanum Finlandiae and the British School at Rome, October, 2013.

 “Catullus the Antiquarian: Catullus 17 and Late Republican Antiquarian Discourse.” American Philological Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, January, 2012.

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