Cincinnatus would be proud

I’m trying to start a collection of uses of Cincinnatus as exemplum in Cincinnati, OH. From yesterday’s Cincinnati Enquirer:

Cincinnatus would be proud: Steve Lee raises millions for the USO

Steve Lee doesn’t think of himself as a hero. He doesn’t look like what he thinks of when he thinks of a hero. He doesn’t wear camouflage or carry an M4 carbine or raid suspected terrorist safe houses.

He’s a financial advisor for Wells Fargo in Kenwood. He wears a suit to work, watches stock tickers and tells his clients where they should invest their money to maximize their profits.

Lee knows where to find his heroes. Some are buried at Arlington Cemetery. Some have sustained traumatic brain injuries. Some have lost limbs. When their tours of duty were cut short, many were flown stateside and admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

The $6-plus million raised by Lee and company has made Cincinnati the nation’s USO fundraising capital. No one does it bigger, but Lee isn’t interested in taking credit. He believes it’s something the entire city should take pride in.

Cincinnati is a natural fit for the USO in the mind of Pops Conductor John Morris Russell. When Lee approached him with the idea of partnering and moving the fundraiser to Music Hall, Russell called it a “no-brainer.”

After all, Cincinnati is named for a Roman citizen-soldier.


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